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100% Passive Income

...BUT DON'T PAY $156 FOR IT! Extreme Passive Cash App Profits (EPCAP) is a new and popular online sales page that offers purchasers $39 commissions on three levels!

Purchasers can earn $39 on Level-1, their direct sales, $39 on sales by their Level-2 Members and $39 on sales by their Level-3 Members. EPCAP owners include a 10K email Ad campaign for each purchased EPCAP sales page to help you get sales straight out of the gate.

All of this is very inviting and potentially can be quite lucrative. However, the 3 levels of income feature makes for a rather large entry cost of $156 ($39×4) to purchase your page to begin earning!

..And position yourself to earn a whole lot more passive income in the process. With our MUCH LOWER $89 entry amount into our 2X2 company-wide, forced-filled Xtreme Profit Feeder Matrix (XPFM), we have eliminated the high $156 out of pocket cost of EPCAP while preserving for our valued Members EPCAP's most desired and most sought after features, those three $39 income levels!

Admin Funded $156 For Your EPCAP Sales Page.

Through our XPFM everyone's $156 to purchase their EPCAP sales page will be automatically generated as they cycle the 2X2 matrix and that equates to automatic sales for those who share this opportunity with those purchasers.

Admin Funded 10K Email Ad Campaign

To make our XPFM even sweeter for our Members, we have thrown in a 10K email campaign in addition to the 10K Ad campaign that the owner includes with each purchase of the EPCAP sales page. Our Members need not bother with sending out thier 10K email campaign because we blast it out for them to help them get visitors and sales as quickly as possible.

Admin Funded $10 FSB AND $10 Cycle Matching Bonus

We even included a $10 FAST START BONUS for each $89 XPFM sale our Members produce along with a $10 Sales Cycling Bonus paid as each of thier 2X2 sales cycle the 2X2 to put $$ into their pockets ASAP and for their hard work of sharing their Xtreme Profit Feeder Matrix (XPFM) with others!

Admin Included Residuals AND Income Leveraging

We're all aware that no income plan would be complete without the potential for those beloved residuals and leveraging of that income. Eventhough the EPCAP sales page has its own built-in residuals and leveraging featues, we set our Members up to enjoy even more residuals and even more income leveraging by placing each Member as they cycle the 2X2 into Stage-1 and Stage-2 of our 11 Stage $120 Million Reverse-2Up income system.

All Your 2X2 Sales Follow You Into 12 Income Streams

Yeap, with Zero$$ out of their pocket AND check this out, ALL of your 2X2 sales will follow you into the Rvs-2Up like robots to earn you MORE PASSIVE sales commissions!

Auto 2X2 RE-ENTRIES With Zero$ Out-Of-Pocket

Did someone ask, "What about re-entry?" We heard you and we're on it! What better way to promote continuous cycling than with a strong re-entry feature.

Done! And, we are not talking about no measly $25 or $50 cycles bonuses. Everyone is re-entered into OUR ONE AND ONLY XTREME PROFIT FEEDER MATRIX and will receive hefty CASH Cycle Bonuses of $156 OVER & OVER!! How many of these none-stop $156 CASH Cycle Bonuses do you want hitting your bank account like never before done in the world of Feeder Matrices?

1. First, you claim your top position in the fast filling 2X2 by engaging the JOIN NOW button below. If a Sponsor's name is not on the page, one will be assigned to you.

2.You'll receive your account login info within minutes after creating your free account and registering.

3. Log into your account, click the Purchase Position link and submit your $89 entry amount. That's all it is to getting positioned to begin your earning adventure! Because the $89 purchase amounts are paid out to Members and Ad campaigns, there are NO REFUNDS once the $89 is submitted.

Once you are in the 2X2 your efforts along with your TWO 10K Ad blasts should produce your minimum of 4 $89 sales rather quickly. Of course the more sales you produce equates to more potential income for you.

* Everyone should produce at least 4 2X2 sales. Then, you would have your 4 sales required to become qualified to receive pass up sales in the Reverse 2Up. Only your direct 2X2 sales will follow you into your Rvs-2Up.

A. You'll receive $40 (4×$10) in Fast Start Bonuses on your 4 $89 2X2 sales.

B. $79
($89−$10) each places your 4 into the company-wide, forced-filled 2X2 matrix below you.

Your EPCAP sales page will be created and hosted by the EPCAP sales page owner. It will be emailed to you within 48-72 hours depending upon their workload.

You'll have the resale rights to market your EPCAP sales page as a stand alone product but you stand to leave cash on the table by not offering it to your prospects for $89 instead of $156. Which price would you jump on? You would also be missing out on the potential of the 2X2 matrix and the Rvs-2Up pay plan to create for you PASSIVE residual income.


(Disclaimer: This feeder plan has NO affiliation with the original "Extreme Passive Cash App Profits" program. Mentioning of any income earned in these pages are only for illustration purposes only. NO GUARANTEES OF INCOME EARNINGS ARE IMPLIED IN THIS ILLUSTRATION.)