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If you read the $5K Sales Page breakdown of our $60M pay plan, you are aware that we give you a FREE position in our Starter 1×4 Matrix, a $56 value. This is our BONUS Gift to you just for purchasing any HCFS Membership or an 80K Email Ad Pack from PSIS Admin for only $56.

Although an HCFS Membership offers high ticket commissions of $100 to $4K all of its own, our Starter Matrix is where you begin to earn even BIGGER TICKET COMMISSIONS BUT WITHOUT THE BIG TICKET ENTRY FEES! Wouldn't that be more attractive and suit your budget much better?

1×4 Starter Matrix

Not only have we built the XCL Income System for this purpose but it is designed to also provide our Members with quality traffic and LOTS OF IT. How about an 8M+ Buyers, TE and Safelists paid members to sends your offers to on a monthly basis. We've set you up to receive MONTHLY COMMISSIONS OF $242 as PSIS purchase this List for your HCFS Membership sales and or $56 80K Email Ad sales from you as they complete their 1st cycle of our Ph-4 1×4 Matrix!

When we said we set you up with LOTS of TRAFFIC we weren't kidding. You'll have access to the most coveted Full Data, Geneology Mobil Phone List of 4M Networkers to get you started making sales! We have also included for you an exciting attention-catching website built to draw you customers who are ready to pay you from $4K to $13.5K to get their hands on this FULL Mobile Phone List of 13.5M Networkers that you'll have the Resell License to fill their orders. Yes, we start you off with access to 4M of them to send your offers to! You can ADD this to your already UNLIMITED NUMBER of Matrix Cycles and PERPETUAL Rvs-2Up Income Streams.

Once you are in the Starter Matrix, your income can grow quite quickly from the system's UNLIMITED Cycle Rewards of $100, $150, $1.2K, $18K and $22K PLUS $5K Rvs-2Up pass-up commissions ALL GROWING SIMULTANEOUSLY building your income to as much as $41M and MORE!

This EXCLUSIVE BONUS GIFT is your gateway to all of the above and a heck of LOT MORE!

This 8M+ Email Lists sells for $484 PER MONTH but our 1×4 4 Phase Martrix Set pay plan can get you access to it for multiple months to send your offers with virtually $0 out of your pocket!

You see, your HCFS Membership or your $56 PSIS
Admin Traffic purchase gets you into the 1×4 Starter Matrix and as others join us, you'll begin cycling through each Matrix to begin EARNING as never before and have all the TRAFFIC you need to make automatic-passive BIG TICKET COMMISSIONS WITHOUT BIG TICKET ENTRY FEES!

If you have not purchsed your $100 to $4K HCFS Membership, go ahead and call Bruce at 858-216-6624, give him my ID # SP1622 and as soon as I am paid my commission, I will place you into the 1×4 Starter Matrix with $56 out of my pocket! Should you choose just to purchase PSIS Admin $80K Traffic Pack for $56, I use this commission to place you into the Starter Matrix as well. Just send your $56 to Cash App ID $solopric7.

You see friend, I truly believe those famous words of the late multi-talented Zig Ziglar, "Help enough people get what they want and eventually you'll get what you want." Together we can make you a Multi-Millionaire in 2024!