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Should you choose one of our HCFS Memberships of $100 to $4K, $56 of my commission is used to place you into the XCL 1×4 Starter Matrix. Of course if $100 plus the $49 HCFS Admin fee totaling $149 for their Fast-Start Membership is not in your budget just now, simply purchase my 80K Email Ad Pack for $56 and the $56 I receive places you into the 1×4 SM! Just log into your Cash App and send your $56 to me, Solomon Price using Cash App ID: $solopric7. If sending BTC, click here to send $63 (Exchange fees included).

Simply Incredible!

* $500 Referral Cycle Bonus Paid On Your Referrals 1st Cycle Of Ph-4 1×4!

* You'll earn $5K on your 4XCL entry sales totaling $20K as they complete their 1st cycle of the Ph-4 1×4 and PSIS Admin purchases their XCL Sales Page from you! You may produce as many XCL as the amount of your income goal dictates. We use 4 because 4 will cover the requirement to pass-up your 2nd and 4th sales to your Producer as you are later entered into the Rvs-2Up.

$2K of your $5K earnings on your 1st XCL Sales Page is sent to your Producer which enters you into their payline of the Rvs-2Up!

* You'll earn $5K on your 5th to INFINITY XCL entry sales as they complete their 1st cycle of the Ph-4 1×4 and PSIS Admin purchases their XCL Sales Page from you!

Our XCL Sales Page cost is $20K and you'll earn $5K on ALL Sales Page purchases for your downline 3 levels deep as they complete their 1st cycle of the Ph-4 1×4 and Admin purchases their Pages from their Producers using Pages with your name in Boxes #2 or #3! The chart below illustrates just how lucrative this feature can be for you as only 10 sales of any HCFS Membership level or $56 80K Traffic sales or any combination of these are produced by you and each of these DL Members.

There's no need to be concerned that no one will buy a $20K Sales Page from you because your sales will be automatically and passively generated for you by our XCL System.

Our XCL Income System is designed to pay you $25 to $22,650 UNLIMITED Matrix Cycle Rewards, $5K XCL Sales Page Commissions 3 Level Deep and $5K Rvs-2Up Pass-Up Commissions!

When a Sales Page which PSIS Admin uses to purchase the Sales Page for Members completing their 1st cycle of the Ph-4 1×4 has one or more unclaimed Boxes as shown in Box #3 above, the total Boxes dollar amount being saved (it's $5K on the above Page), would be distributed between the Member whom the Sales Page is being purchase for, their XCL Producer and PSIS Admin. Each one would receive $1667 ($5K÷3), if the Member's Sales Page is purchased from this Page as shown above.

$100 "Everyone Earns" Distribution

Any "Unclaimed Money Box Savings" funds received by PSIS Admin as described above will be paid out in $100 Amounts to the equal number of XCL Members having the earliest upgrade date and hasn't completed their 1st cycle of the Ph-4 1×4. We hate silencing those know it all pessimists but Yes, you could earn $100 or MORE in our XCL Income System for doing absolutely nothing other than joining and upgrading with our $56 80K Email Ad Pack!


As your payline continues to double with duplication through just 10 levels, DO YOU REALIZE you would earn $20.5M on passive pass-up sales received! And, You would earn an ADDITIONAL $20.5M (4096×$5K) on the 2 sales each of your 2046 payline Members RETAINED! This is because the XCL Sales Page compensation plan pays you $5K on all your direct sales which will be your Level-1 and $5K on the sales of your 2nd and 3rd downline levels! The sales RETAINED by your 2046 would be your 2nd Level XCL Sales Page sales as your name would be in Box #2 on the Sales Page of each of your 2046 as PSIS Admin purchases the Sales Page for each of their 2 RETAINED sales.

In all actuality only the XCLIS entry sales consisting of $100-$4K HCFS sales and or $56 PSIS Ad Pack sales are produced by our Members while the XCLIS leveraging process generates the $20K XCL Sales Page sales for our Members.

Now, imagine for a moment if you and your 2046 payliners were to produce a very doable 20 XCL entry sales each.
This would result in each of them retaining 18 Sales totaling 36,828 (2046×18) and YOU having a total of $184M (36,828×$5K) deposited into your bank account as you receive $5K on each of these RETAINED Sales! NO OTHER REVERSE-2UP HAS EVER BEEN DESIGNED TO PAY IT'S MEMBERS ON RETAINED SALES, LET ALONE $20.5M TO $184M!